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The landscape of Northampton is dotted with reminders of its illustrious history. Despite the great fire of 1675 when much of Northampton was destroyed.

During the 18th-century the town founded its prosperity of the manufacture of leather goods. In the collection owned by Northampton Museum and Art Gallery are the slippers worn by Queen Victoria on the occasion of the marriage to Prince Albert, Margot Fonteyn's ballet pumps, and sandals from Roman times, thus giving credence to the town's place in history as an important centre for leather. This is also famous hunting country and the town was known for its production of riding boots and saddles.

In the town centre visitors can see superb architecture, the guildhall is singularly spectacular, and of interest is the mighty Express Lift Tower which is fondly referred to as " The Northampton Lighthouse" there are some lovely three-storey Victorian houses and All Saints Church is a wonderful example of the rebuilding and restoration work following the fire. The church dominates the centre of the town and is surrounded by a myriad of picturesque streets and narrow alleyways. The central market square remains the hub of the town, it is renowned throughout the county for it lively open-air market. The square is 750 years old, and one of the largest in the country.

One of Northampton's historic treasures is Castle Ashby House, this was built by the Compton family in 1574 with the sole intention of it being a fitting place in which to lavishly entertain Queen Elizabeth I

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